I am the Secretary of the Council will be published tomorrow Policies – Deepa

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Chennai: MGR, AMMA, I will act as secretary of the Council of Deepa Jain. Deepa said. The Council’s policies and Deepa has published tomorrow. Jayalalithaa’s brother on the 24th birthday of her daughter jetipa MGR, AMMA, Deepa began Forum. She released her fin flag mgr. In this case, T. Nagar, Chennai, spoke to reporters today at his home jetipa. Then disrupting others accused varakutatu politics.

I am Secretary And he said, MGR, AMMA, I’ve been secretary of the Council of Deepa. Administrators and policy of the Council will be notified tomorrow.

Soon political statements AIADMK cadres have been talking to me real. Expect from me as soon as political statements.

As a courtesy, I met As a courtesy opannircelvattai met. Opannircelvat discussed the partnership.

There are many obstacles I itupavatai politics are preventing many people. Serving people and break down barriers. Thus Deepa spoke to reporters.

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