The struggle will continue for the 11th day of netuvasal

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Protesting the proposed hydrocarbon, Pudukkottai netuvasal ongoing struggle of the villagers reached the 11th day. Next to this, the Chief Palanisamy porattakkuluvinar negotiations today.

Pudukkottai district near netuvasal hydrocarbon allow the federal government to take the project. As a result, 3 people severely affected district, claiming the series netuvasal villagers are engaged in the struggle. Having reached the 11th day of the fight, the various movements, organizations and the public on behalf of the hunger strike held great today.

In support of the people involved in the fight, which has been organized a rally today to netuvasal from Trichy. In this case, in order to end the problem, the protesters met with Minister vijayapaskar yesterday. Next to this, the Chief Minister met Palanichany, porattakkuluvinar hold talks today.

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