Netuvasal hydrocarbon project in the 12th day of the struggle will continue

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Pudukkottai district protesting the proposed hydrocarbon netuvacal takes place today at the 12th day of the fight.

Hydrocarbon project implementation, but also its environs netuvacal affected districts in the delta of the opinion that, following the submission of the people are netuvacal.

Delta serves as an integral part of the district for the purpose of gas netuvacalai ARGO-workers, but also the livelihood of farmers, agriculture is considered as the backbone of India will eliminate netuvacal people say that.

Netuvacal from different parts of the state that has the youth and college students joined the fight. They gathered together for the benefit of farmers for Jallikattu tirantullat kuruyullanar them.

Meanwhile, seeking to stop the program netuvacal hydrocarbon, Chief Edappadi palanicami on March 1 to meet a group of protesters arriving in Chennai.

Meanwhile, agriculture and the environment severely impacted by hydrocarbon project, as political leaders, film personalities commented.

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