PACL institutional investors seeking to keep their documents in order to safely!

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PACL and none on property owned by the companies that make investments, buy, be warned, do not manipulation.

PACL on the basis of decisions taken after lengthy consultation with regard to the shares (Expression of Intrest) PACL shares etukkappattuvarukinrana auction activities of quitting, according to SEBI.

Moreover, none of the public and industrialists PACL atucarp of stocks or shares of companies directly or indirectly related, not to buy a stock manipulation, SEBI has warned conditioning system.

PACL is this company?

PACL company on 13 February 1996, the real estate industry and investment to address agricultural areas and some retail businesses marrul started by saying that, in doing business.

In time, the company has launched in the beginning and gradually started to branch offices throughout India. They are ordinary people who collect money from agents appointed by the addition of new clients, namely investors PACL vaculittukkontatu money for the company. For nearly 18 years the company has operated a sudden financial crisis, investors tiruppiyalikkamal delay in paying the money. Thus, this issue went to court. PACL occurred in the court case were placed on the company’s shares and assets freeze. After the case is over, the economic restructuring kankani SEBI ordered to repay the money to investors to sell the company’s assets structure PACL. SEBI to try to return money to investors, the company has been involved, it has an advanced group, the Advanced group of investors to take steps to get back to money, please fill out the appropriate form to submit. In particular, in the manner prescribed by the investors filed their requests us to uyartarakkulu Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has been reported. SEBI report, investors have paid the company money PACL document proper manner and asked to be kept safe. Last August, 192 districts investors to sell shares in the Advanced panel recommended to file their expression and petition. Accordingly, received 6.504 petitions. 60,000 crore in the company’s shares PACL failed to return, with its 9-promoters, and the directors of the shares and cash ordered SEBI to file the documents. PACL 5 million from investors, the company also collected 49.100 million dollars to repay investors within three months with interest, was ordered in August 2014. Tiruppiyalik his investors money, but so far the company has not PACL, PACL investors to withdraw their money for investors today issued the necessary documents to keep safe. For more information on the website of SEBI Company can explore the Internet.

2.00 avg. rating (66% score) - 1 vote